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    The 21st century demands that we minimise our carbon footprint to inhibit further deterioration of the planet. However, the times we live in are extremely competitive economically and make recycling more difficult.

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On daily basic we come in contact with lots of IT products that have many positives and negatives. IT products save time and have lots of innovative features but use of these products has dangerous side effects due to many omissions that it makes one’s it becomes old.

So once it’s old it better to either dump it OR recycle it. By IT recycling we can put that in to use and someone who has need for such IT products but can’t afford it can use it. We are team of professionals, who have been in to computer IT recycling since long and know the importance of recycling. The products that come to us are made usable in most of the case, if the product has gone complete obsolete then only we prefer disposing it but for that too we make sure all the harmful materials like lead, cadmium etc are removed so no side effects occur.

What we do is, first we do the collection of IT product that needs to recycled then disassemble it and take the re-usable items from it and recycle the remaining parts and make sure no data from that machine is being leaked making it a completely secure process. We make sure to use the most sustainable methods in recycling.

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