Packed with great tools that are easy to use

Check out what Smart Tech Recycling’s custom account section has to offer, and start booking collections in seconds

User Account

Create and manage your own account with full access to reports, certificates and booking history.

Download Reports

instantly download reports which contain in-depth information and breakdown of your collection.

Collection History

All your History at your fingertips, view collection dates, times and items that were collected.

Add your offices branches

Add and save all of your offices into one location with easy access to book a collection.

Your own User Account

Smart Tech Recycling has made it easy for you to book collections online, download reports and print out certificates in a few clicks. Simply log directly on to your account and get started. You can input your head office address that will default each and every time you book a collection or add your branches, which you can select via the drop down list.

Download Reports & Certificates Instantly

Are you sick and tired of ringing companies for your collection reports or chasing up lost collections notes? Well no more! Our specially developed user account allows you to instantly download reports and certificates instantly after your collection is completed.

Add all of your Branches

We understand how frustrating it can be re-entering various addresses for multiple company collections, or having recycling companies get confused and collect from the wrong address. With our ‘branches’ section, you can add all of your branches that permanently stored into your user account. Once you have done your booking, instead of re-entering all of your information, you can simply select the branch you need the collection from.

And did we mention awesome support?

Our team is always on hand to help out so for any questions, just visit our support page.

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