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  • Data Protection Manchester

    We make sure any sensitive data is completely wiped off. We use industry standard methods to ensure the Data Protection Act is complied with to ensure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

In more detail

Computer Data Protection

You may not know this but just by clicking delete and emptying your recycle bin doesn’t mean your data has been successfully erased. There are lots of data protection companies available in market right now, but with our Data protection solutions, we use highly coded software and data destruction machines to wipe your data officially and completely.

Anyone with a cheap or free data recovery program can recover your recycled deleted files. They can also get files off a freshly formatted hard drive. If your Data contains sensitive business or personnel files we recommend getting your hard drive wiped professionally.

Next you need to decide, How Paranoid are you? How important is your data? What can your data be used for if found by criminals that master identity theft.

We offer two options for data wiping

  • Our free 1 wipe pass this stops the cheap software from being able to retrieve your data, but it can still be retrieved by Criminals that specialize in Data Recovery.

  • 7 Wipe Kroll Ontrack Wipe “Your data is wiped using industry standard methods to ensure the Data Protection Act is complied with. Your Hard Drives get wiped up to UK MILITARY standards with FULL CESG approval to InfoSec Level 5.

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