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  • Computer Recycling

    Smart Tech Recyclingis here to help you take care of all your computer and redundant IT recycling needs. We love what we do and enjoy helping businesses take a step towards becoming more green

  • Laptop Recycling

    Need your laptops recycled correctly? Our Laptop Recycling service includes a free collection,wipe and recycle report.We make sure any sensitive data is disposed of and wiped correctly.

  • Recycle IT

    The 21st century demands that we minimise our carbon footprint to inhibit further deterioration of the planet. However, the times we live in are extremely competitive economically and make recycling more difficult.

  • Data Protection

    We make sure any sensitive data is completely wiped off. We use industry standard methods to ensure the Data Protection Act is complied with to ensure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

  • CRT Recycling

    It is imperative that your old monitors are removed correctly from the home/workplace. Either 1) Get them dumped into a landfill site or 2) get them recycled by professionals.

  • Collections

    Smart Tech Recycling takes care of all the hard work of collecting the redundant IT hardware and delivering them back to our Recycling Centre.

In more detail

Data Protection

You may not know this but just by clicking delete and emptying your recycle bin doesn’t mean your data has been successfully erased. With our Data protection service, we use highly coded software and data destruction machines to wipe your data officially and completely.

Anyone with a cheap or free data recovery program can recover your recycled deleted files. They can also get files off a freshly formatted hard drive. If your Data contains sensitive business or personnel files we recommend getting your hard drive wiped professionally.

Next you need to decide, How Paranoid are you? How Important is your data? What can your data be used for if found by criminals that master identity theft.

We offer two options for data wiping

  • Our free 1 wipe pass – this stops the cheap software from being able to retrieve your data, but it can still be retrieved by Criminals that specialise in Data Recovery.

  • 7 Wipe Kroll Ontrack Wipe – Your data is wiped using industry standard methods to ensure the Data Protection Act is complied with. Your Hard Drives get wiped up to UK MILITARY standards with FULL CESG approval to InfoSec Level 5.


The use of Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) is increasing day by day. Every monitor that you purchase has Cathode Ray Tubes in it. As new products hit the market, the older versions become obsolete and are replaced. It is imperative that the old monitor is removed from the home/workplace. The question arises: Where do the discarded monitors with Cathode Ray Tubes go? It’s simple, there are only two ways to get Cathode Ray Tubes out of your house: 1) get them dumped into a landfill site, 2) get them recycled by professionals.

Why you shouldn’t choose to dump them?

Unlike objects discarded every day, IT equipment is not as easy to dispose. The construction of IT equipment is done from high-saturated plastics and chemicals, which can turn highly unstable. While inside the monitors, Cathode Ray Tubes are not dangerous, but the problem arises when they’re dumped into a landmine. When Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) are broken and their copper yoke is removed, they can become a cause of silicosis in the workers and nearby residents. CRT glass is also prone to implosions that can again result in severe injuries from glass shards. From a green perspective, broken down Cathode Ray Tubes have a tendency to leech heavy metals like lead and barium into ground water.

Laptop Recycling

You’ve probably noticed more and more emphasis being put on laptop recycling, but perhaps you’re not sure why. Here are a few things that will help you understand:

  • Outdated Laptops pose a severe risk to the atmosphere if they’re not disposed-off or recycled correctly. It consists of various harmful impacts to the individuals living in the nearby area where it is saved.

  • Laptops and various other electronic devices are a superb resource of raw materials and other things. The parts and materials that are removed from them after recycling can be utilised to create new equipment that is cost-effective and better.

  • Another significant factor that makes it essential to recycle your old laptop is toxic gas. Laptops contain various materials and things such as cadmium, lead and barium that may discharge dangerous emissions causing various other health problems.

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