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  • CRT Recycling Manchester

    It is imperative that your old monitors are removed correctly from the home/workplace. Either 1) Get them dumped into a landfill site or 2) get them recycled by professionals.

In more detail

CRT Monitor Recycling

The use of Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) is increasing day by day. Every monitor that you purchase has Cathode Ray Tubes in it. As new products hit the market, the older versions become obsolete and are replaced. It is imperative that the old monitor is removed from the home/workplace. The question arises: Where do the discarded monitors with Cathode Ray Tubes go? It’s simple, there are only two ways to get Cathode Ray Tubes out of your house: 1) get them dumped into a landfill site, 2) get them recycled by professionals.

Why you shouldn’t choose to dump them?

Unlike objects discarded every day, IT equipment is not as easy to dispose. The construction of IT equipment is done from high-saturated plastics and chemicals, which can turn highly unstable. While inside the monitors, Cathode Ray Tubes are not dangerous, but the problem arises when they’re dumped into a landmine. When Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) are broken and their copper yoke is removed, they can become a cause of silicosis in the workers and nearby residents. CRT glass is also prone to implosions that can again result in severe injuries from glass shards. From a green perspective, broken down Cathode Ray Tubes have a tendency to leech heavy metals like lead and barium into ground water.

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